Drone and hand held videography and photography for special events,

real estate and business needs around the South


Overhead and aerial photography adds a dimension to a  video that fixed tripod and handheld simply cannot accomplish.

   Drone video can insert new parameters into what would be a normally humdrum presentation, setting your video apart from the others.

Photos and videos like these cannot be obtained affordably except with

drone technology.   Contact us today to see how we can help put your properties

in front of your buying customers in the best way possible.

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DJI phantom3

 4K  video and      12mp still camera


We carry two drones to each job to ensure completion of mission

Glenn & Elliott Normand



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Grand Videography

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Residential                     Commercial

Building                           Engineering

For roof inspections, car counting for

 billboard businesses or surveying potential

developments, remote aircraft will be

the way of the future.  

We are FAA certified and have

general liability for all business

flying contracts.

Mail: glennnormand@gmail.com?subject=request Info-Drone services

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